Data-based performance management for distributed software engineering teams.


Solve performance management problems for software engineering teams.

Compare performance

Compare performance of software engineers: against another engineer; against specific group average;

Track performance

Track performance of a software engineer over time (weekly change, monthly change).


Create a performance development plan for a software engineer, consisting of selected measurable performance goals.

Library of performance indicators

Tens of meaningful software-engineering perfromance indicators to choose.

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Weekly updates on Performance Management for Software Engineering Teams.

How Perfomon idea appeared

For the past 13 years being a manager I went through several stories when a software engineer bullsh*ted me with deliverables. Here is a story, how I came up with idea of Perfomon.

Why Programmers Have a Tough Job

In one of the projects we're developing, 85% of the code volume is from third-party libraries. That is, these are the libraries that need to be installed in the project so that the other 15% of the code can work with something. There are a total of 93 such libraries.